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We are an outstanding ICT solutions provider for Sacco and MFI In order to maintain sustainable operations, Your everyday tasks must feel lighter. which translates to More time with Borrowers, less time doing paper work and spreadsheets

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To attract and retain customers SACCOs,MFI's have to provide suitable bouquet of services efficiently and cost effectively. Today, Kenyans are spoiled for choice with respect to products and service offering especially on the retail and SMEs front where commercial banks and microfinance banks maintain strong presence. This is where technology providers such as Ilend-Global have maintained a strategic and symbiotic relationship with its clients to ensure that they meet or exceed customer expectations. This has enabled major SACCO clients rebrand as they roll-out their products and services nationwide

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Ilend System

Cloud Based

All you need to access the Ilend System is a reliable internet connection and a modern web browser – we guarantee an up-time of over 99.97% with the most reliable provider in the world.AWS are the industry’s leading storage provider, used by governments and corporations around the world.more..

Mobile Money

Transfer funds to and from MPESA Perform balance enquiry Receive account status information Receive SMS alerts for special events e.g. guarantor notification

Loan Officer Tablet App

Improve loan officer efficiency, extend outreach and increase revenue with the revolutionary Musoni App

Of-Site Backup

Offsite backup, which is also known as remote backup, is the process of backing up important computer data and files to a server or other storage device located in a separate physical location. In our quest to address risk management, we discovered the need to house clients’ data offsite in effort to minimize/eliminate data loss as result of fire, theft, etc.

Low Cost

Flexible and affordable pricing structure enabling MFIs to benefit regardless of their size.get a quote


Packed With Features,Guaranteed to always be cutting edge. Features that actually matter to Lenders

Easy Documents

Upload as many documents as you like. LoanCirrus stores them securely.

More Features.

More features

We Value Our Clients .

Read more about what we do and our philosophy . Judge for yourself The work and results we’ve achieved for other clients, and meet our highly experienced Team who are highly motivated and ready to help.

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